This album is a collection of new tracks as well other producers and artists from the same circle. Westwood Boyz Is proud to have worked with Tantrum, Tunez, and Roger That from Empire West Music, who have been responsible for westwood boyz productions in the past, Jay Dee Luciano and Melina Diaz, both out of D-Fam Productions, Paws Productionz, Yo Han Cho and Sin Sinatra, Troublez, Malice, Tania Ponce, Yvette, Easy, Meeza, Weety, Jay Beats, Rudy, Chito and don't forget all the homeboyz and homegirlz from the town who have participated throughout our projects including this one,thank you all for your contributions and support.

All excerpts from the unreleased "No Brake Lights", and the track "Work it" were produced by Tantrum from Empire West Music. All excerpts from the unreleased album "707 Proof" were produced by Tunez from Empire West Music. "Old Skool Feeling" produced by Jay Dee Luciano and Melina Diaz from D-Fam Productions. "Westwood" produced by Paws for Paws productions. All other tracks produced by Rabbit from Weed and Wine Ent. Mixing done by producers of tracks and Mastering done by Emastered.

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Music player is set to play roughly 30 second snippets of all the songs on the album Weed N Wine.

About the album Weed N Wine


This group is known for creating its music from the ground up. all of their songs have been built from scratch, except of course any in which they obviously used sample, and even those are been originally written, recorded, arranged and mixed by the producers and artists involved. This also includes a majority of artwork as well as copyrights and everything else that comes along with the industry. They create music for the love of music and nothing else. If your tired of the same type of music all the time then try Westwood Boyz (rap with words)!

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